Pure Diamond Farm Singapore



Pure Diamond Farm Singapore is announcing a change in the name of their cryptocurrency associated with the lab-grown diamond industry. It will be officially changed from the current Pure Diamond Coin (PDC) to the new Lab Grown Diamond Coin (LGD) on the 15th April 2019.


The reason for this change was due to Pure Diamond Farm’s corporate restructuring following the exit of a number of Directors. A new team has since taken up the challenge and have begun streamlining and engineering the LGD (previously PDC) network to be more comprehensible for their token holders.


The original cryptocurrency PDC was limited to be solely traded with lab-grown diamonds that exist on the Pure Diamond Network based in Japan. The new cryptocurrency LGD has expanded on this and will now work with any lab-grown diamond that exists on an open blockchain network, which extensively amplifies the scope of which the token will encompass. The new LGD coin will not only be utilized as a means of transaction, rather it will also function with added utility with Pure Diamond Farm’s partnered lab-grown diamond companies.

LGD already has various events lined up:

1. Exchange Listing
LGD will list on the IDAX exchange on April 20th

2. Partnerships & eCommerce Integrations
An original blockchain is being developed as well as a partnership with an upcoming lab-grown diamond eCommerce company is in the works.

3. Token Development  
A new team has been assigned the task with additional hires currently in progress.

Pure Diamond Farm is aspiring to have their LGD coin be the main mode of payment for the market of lab-grown diamonds sales. They are currently working hard on establishing relevant new partnerships and hiring additional engineers to further the token development.


We aspire to revolutionise the lab-grown diamond industry with a duo-payment system which accepts crypto and normal currencies.

This approach offers discounts for crypto-users whilst keeping existing customers.


We place our customers at the very front when it comes to the development of technologies.

Our customers determine what we are and where we go. By actively engaging with our consumers, we can efficiently deliver exactly what they need.


Blockchain technologies are now maturing, it is time that we confidently seek opportunities to implement this technology.

The introduction of crypto and blockchain will reshape the lab-grown diamond industry, with us at the forefront.


The Lab Grown Diamond Coin is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be used to transact lab-grown diamonds. The first utility for this token will come in the form of a currency on the e-commerce website where Buyers and Sellers using the platform can use LGD Coin to receive a discount when making purchases.

This is just the first step in securely providing form and function to the LGD Coin with many exciting collaborations currently being planned.



April - Token listing on exchange

May - Expansion of Development Team

July -  Finalizing our Partnership...

August  - Official partnership with a diamond e-Commerce platform utilizing LGD as payment

Announce our partnership with retail stores to use our token as a mode of payment


Coming soon.


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